First United Methodist Church

Buffalo, Oklahoma

1933 Balcony torn down, kitchen remodeled, used as a classroom.
1937-1942 Playground equipment was purchased.
1942 Plans begun for a new church.  One method of raising money was The Lord's Herd.
1949 Lots were purchased.  Rechartered as First Methodist Church.
1950 Selman Methodist Church unites with Buffalo.
1957 A new basement used for church was constructed.
1959 Present parsonage was built and ready for occupancy. Old church torn down.
1964 Formal opening and Consecration of the basement church, 2-16-1964.
1968 The Methodist Church and Evangelical United Brethren Church joined to be The United Methodist Church.
1970-1973 First time to serve Ft. Supply
1973 Dedication of new completed church, July 15, 1973
1975 Church library established.
1977 Maundy Thursday Celebration started.
1981 Diamond Jubilee of Buffalo Church celebrated July 26, 1981.  New double glass front doors, new draperies, carpet in the sanctuary, remainder of the upstairs was air conditioned.
1984 United Methodists celebrate Bicentennial of Methodism in  America
1988 Started broadcasting over the local TV channel.
1990-1992 Church roof was repaired. Pews were recovered.
1992 New outside steps and ramp were built.